Supriyanto was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1974. He obtained his B.Sc in Physics (1997) and M.Sc in Physics (2002) from the University of Indonesia. He stayed on at Kyushu University, Japan to carry out work on the geothermal exploration using electromagnetic method under the supervision of Professor Keisuke Ushijima, obtaining his Doctor of Engineering in 2006. From April to October 2009 he was a geophysical researcher at International Centre for Science and High Technology, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (ICS-UNIDO), Trieste, Italy, working with Professor Michelle Pipan on geothermal resources assesment of Mt. Endut geothermal prospecting area, Indonesia. In 2012, he received a research grant from Dikti to design a prototype of temperature logging tools for geothermal prospecting areas. In 2013, he has continued doing research about gravity forward modeling using 3D-sphere cell with financial support by Indonesian Directorate General of Higher Education. He is the head of Geophysical Modeling Laboratory, University of Indonesia. And he now becomes a head of reseacrh division on the Centre of Geoscience Study, University of Indonesia






Prillia Aufa Adriani obtained her B.Sc in Physics (2013) from the University of Indonesia. Prillia has 6 months experience in Seismic Data Processing and 3 months experience in Seismic Data Interpretation. Prillia has ability to operate some geophysical softwares such as ProMax, Omega, GeoFrame, Humpson-Russel, RokDoc, Surfer, Seismic Unix, Grav 2dc. In 2011, Prillia joined research team in Geophysics Modeling Laboratory Universitas Indonesia. From the research, we have published a paper to PIT HAGI 2012 titled Application of τ-ρ deconvolution for noise reduction of marine seismic data.









Tajudin Noor was born on July 29, 1989 in Bogor, West Java. He received his Bachelor degree in June 2012 at Physics, Geophysics Exploration, Universitas Indonesia (with thesis: “Application of Gravity Data for Geoid Determination by Remove-Restore Technique in Sunda Strait and Surrounding Area”). He join Geophysics Modelling Laboratory of Universitas Indonesia research team since 2009. Since in college he became a laboratory assistant in the laboratory of fundamental physics UPP IPD UI. He also became field assistant in “Geology Fieldtrip to Karangsambung” with geophysics students of Universitas Indonesia in May 2011. He has been involved in joint research between Universitas Indonesia and Kyushu University in “Absolute Gravity Survey” at Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) in July 2011.

After graduating, he joined geothermal exploration at some area in Indonesia such as Bali, West Sumatra, and Maluku conducted by Pusat Sumber Daya Geologi (PSDG), Badan Geologi, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) until November 2013. He has mastering geophysical data processing program such as: Surfer, Res1D, Progress.exe, Res2Dinv, Res3Dinv, Res3Dmod, Geosoft Oasis Montaj and ArcGIS.



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